Simone Villa, me and my inspirations

Express Yourself

I wanted to share my vision of unisex pop fashion for whoever wants to wear deconstructed garments inspired by nightlife. You can wear your “club couture” clothes and show the world your uniqueness through graphics and decoration made in a fun way.
Don’t forget to believe in UFOs and dress up in something only you own!

Simone Villa fashion artisan

I was tired of dreaming in black and white, I chose to live in colours!

I bet on myself and got into the game, starting a new professional adventure, so I opened Riot Clothing Space.

It is a lab where I realise artisanal clothing and accessories based on my own research and my own design on materials, shapes and volumes as well as graphical prints.   The end results are unique pieces available only on this website.  

My creative idea has been inspired by the Club Kids culture from the 80s and 90s; a combination of pop art, kitsch and the need to have fun.

The result of this research is a perfect product for whoever wants an original outfit and wants to live the nightlife with style, daring to be different and wearing something unique!

Add glitter on your defects and let’s go dancing!!

Everything started with my granny …

My name is Simone Villa, I come from Milan and landed in Verona in 2002.
I started out as a fashion designer, inspired and encouraged by my granny to the art of sewing and encourage to experiment by my teachers at the Marangoni Institute in Milan.
I got to work with Giorgio Correggiari, one of the big names in fashion and soon became his assistant, understanding the value of research and creativity in the design process.

I also worked with a design studio with offices in Verona and Hong Kong. This was the place where I had the chance to develop further my vision for streetwear and getting in touch with an underground  market made of independent designers.

I love fantasy movies and Japanese anime. Electronic and punk are my favourite soundtracks. I would live on pizza and cheesecakes. And I’m a knit addict!

This is my Manifesto:

° Express Yourself

° Add Glitter on your Defects

° Live in Colours

° Have Fun

° Be Creative Every Day

° Believe in UFOs

° Wear Art

° Let’s Dance

° Be Riot